About Zipadee Day Nursery

Our Team

Zipadee Play Area OutsideOur united team of staff are highly experienced and deeply committed to supporting children in their early years and everyday aim to ensure children love to come to their nursery and go home having had a very happy day. All staff hold high qualifications including Early Years Professional Status, Childhood Studies degrees and NVQ’s in level 3 child care.

Our adult to child ratio enables us to:

  • Give time and attention to each child.

  • Talk with the children about their interests and the activities they are taking part in.

  • Support the children to explore and be adventurous in safety.

  • Support the children to interact with others and build and maintain friendships.


Working in partnership with parents/carers is of the up-most importance to us. Our doors are always open to them, and we actively encourage participation in all aspects of the children’s care, education and well-being throughout their time with us. We welcome parents to drop into the setting at any time during the time their child is with us. We welcome parents to help settle their child into Nursery in a way they feel is best suited to them and their child.

Opening times and Sessions

We are open from 7.30am – 6.00pm 52 weeks of the year! We offer full day care, part day care and hourly rates. We recognise that family work patterns can vary, and as such we are keen to accommodate this as much as possible. We offer Pre-School sessions for children using their free entitlement for 3 year old funding, 2 year sessions for children using 2 year funding and we accept child care vouchers.

A Typical Day

Children are at the heart of all we do, we believe in encouraging children by always being kind and supportive to help raise self-esteem and confidence so that their Nursery experience is a happy one.

A typical day is based around routines, careful planning and outdoor activities; whilst healthy food and snacks, social interaction and quiet times play an important part to the day. The Nursery’s aim is to create a sense of belonging for all who make up our little community.

A typical full day includes:

  • Hand-overs, information shared, any documents completed, breakfast time.

  • Singing / circle time /stories / special time.

  • Child initiated and adult led activities.

  • Outside area activities.

  • Planned indoor activities, focused activities, crafts, sensory activites

  • Lunch

  • Snacks and unlimited drinks.

  • Rest / sleep / quiet time.

  • Tea.

  • Observations / tracking.

  • Free choice.

Healthy Meals and Snacks

We aim to provide children with healthy, nutritious food and drinks throughout the day. All food is freshly prepared on the premises in our kitchen by our resident cook. We are committed to children enjoying food and making eating a sociable, enjoyable experience in our dining room where the children eat together, supported by staff. We cater for all dietary requirements. We actively encourage parents to have input in the menus based on their children's required tastes. We believe in offering choices, and we will only ever encourage children to eat, never pressurise and always offer an alternative.

Breakfast is from 7.45- 8.30 and consists of choices such as cereal, porridge, toast, fruit etc.

Healthy fruit snack

Lunch is freshly cooked on the premises and is served in 3 sittings in our dining room. It consists of two courses such as fish pie with broccoli or cottage pie with carrots and peas, lasagne with cucumber and tomatoes, spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread, roast dinner with yorkshire pudding, home-made chicken pie, potatoes and cauliflower, bananas and custard, fresh fruit, apple crumble, jam sponge and custard, carrot cake, yoghurt etc.

Tea served at 3.30pm and consists of two courses such as sandwiches, jacket potatoes and filling, homemade pizza, beans on toast, tortilla wraps, macaroni cheese, pasta, fruit, yoghurt, flapjacks, jelly, home made chocolate brownies etc.

All our menus are available for parents to see and we cater for allergies.


Policies and Procedures

All our Policies and Procedures are available to view at the nursery, we can also email a copy to you, including the full version of SEND and Safeguarding Policy.

Please find below our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Statement of intent.

At Zipadee Day Nursery Limited we are committed to the inclusion of all children. All children have the right to be cared for and educated to develop to their full potential alongside each other through positive experiences to enable them to share opportunities and experiences and develop and learn from each other. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs and we work hard to ensure no children are discriminated against or put at a disadvantage as a consequence of their needs.

We believe that all children have a right to experience and develop alongside their peers no matter what their individual needs. Each child's needs are unique, therefore any attempt to categorise is inappropriate.

We are committed to working alongside parents in the provision for their child's individual needs to enable us to help the child to develop to their full potential. We are committed to working with any child who has a specific need and/or disability and making reasonable adjustments to enable every child to make full use of the nursery's facilities. All children have a right to a broad and well-balanced early learning environment.

Where we believe a child may have additional needs that have previously  been unacknowledged, we will work closely with the child's parents and any relevant professionals to establish if any additional action is required.

Where a child has additional needs, we feel it is paramount to find out as much as possible about those needs; any way that this may affect his/her early learning or care needs and any additional help he / she may need.

We will recognise each child's individual needs and ensure all staff are aware of, and have regard for, the Special Educational Needs Code of Practice on the identification and assessment of any needs not being met by the universal service provided by the nursery.

The nursery has regard to the statutory guidance set out in the Special Educational Needs and Disability (DFE 2015) to identify, assess and make provision for children's special educational needs.

Our nursery SENCO is Emma Conning